Thursday, January 1, 2009

Niche "In the News"

I was sitting in the waiting room of a car dealers lube shop waiting on their sealcoat guy to re-apply whatever sort of gunk they put on that keeps your paint from falling off like it did on my 98 GMC pickup, when I heard the tv blaring about a 4 legged shoplifter. I stopped reading the book I had and paid attention to their tale of the thief with a tail. Here is the link to the video of that cool caper.

Now what I liked about the story was how smart of a PR tool this could be if some smart marketer would latch on to it and the right dog bone manufacturer. Dr. Paul Hartunian was a struggling marketer that was was working on a method of mail order that relied on Press Releases, he heard a story on the news about a contractor restoring The Brooklyn Bridge. Paul immediately called the contractor to see what they were going to do with the old wood he had seen in a pile in the news footage, the contractor said he would haul it to the dump where they would charge him to throw it away. Paul talked the guy into delivering it to him instead and that he would pay for it. The contractor liked that idea better. Now how would you profit from this story?

There are tons of stories like this everyday in the news and if you look at the stories with a marketer's eye you are liable to be able to make money with many of those stories.

In the "Niche of Time"

Sorry if that title has been beat to death but it did seem appropriate for this post.

I found an interesting article from a man I met through twitter. Here is a link to his timely post on doing due diligence(he described it as to vet). Due diligence is something we all "sometimes' put off on others. A line I often quote by the late Cavett Robert's, "Most people are walking around with their umbilical cord in hand looking for a new place to plug it in." We all get lazy with our "need" to let someone smarter, wiser and better than us to do it for us. Me too.

In my own experience I came into an economic upswing and decided it was time to 'invest in my education'. Well I got an MBA in the lesson of coaching groups, importance of "doing something even if it aint perfect yet" and doing it NOW! I joined a coaching program in a niche business(one I had no knowledge or experience in) because that was where the 'money was'. The coach gave a multiple item list of things to do but since the business was new to me I did not implement those things ASAP, I mule-trained-it. Well it just so happened that this particular niche was going to die in 6 months, but it was Red Hot for 5 months if I would have took massive action, maybe found a partner in that new the business and implemented across the board.

The guy who's blog post that talked about doing your due diligence did not completely explain why he did not get involved with the programs above, maybe he was smarter than the average bear, maybe that's his way. My way has been procrastination, looking for someone to do it for me, "looking for a new place to plug my umbilical cord in."

Now out of even the expensive lessons in life you can learn a ton, and I did. I met some great people just like the readers of this article. I still have a ways' to go but the contacts I have found because of choosing my path will be worth their weight in gold. Jay Abraham mentions in his "Your Secret Wealth" program that when he starts anything he visualizes a pot or bag of Gold coming from it and it always is found. That's an excellent program as all of Jay's stuff is, that and his book "Getting Everything You Can Out of All That You Got" are his least costly programs but they are great lessons in marketing and seeing the unseen.

In summary, coaching programs and opportunities all have their season, there time to act. What do you need to act on?