Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Niche of Now

I was posting on another blog I have and started looking at how nobody goes to pretty much everything I write about but they show up here, probably just their queries into a certain word group. I hope I offer people something they can use. On "The Niche of Now" I was thinking maybe I should get a fresh post up here and while I am sort of unsure of where it will go I know that a reoccuring theme I keep hearing from people I meet is, " least I have a job." Just what is great about that is how even in darker times something incredibly great can come from what would at first appears to be crap. "What's that?" you ask. Humility. I am not a huge religious freak, I wish I could be a Jesus Freak. I was reminded of a thought Max Lucado made in one of his books(this is paraphrase so I hope you get the drift), "when GOD wants you to hear HIM He will tear you down to the bottom so all you can hear is HIM". Anyway these tough times are pretty cool in the respect that it brings people to be less full of themselves and they say Nature abhors a vacuum so if there is less of them in there maybe it is a great time for a little GOD to drift in. When I speak of GOD it's not the fire and brimstone GOD of the religious shows on tv where all they seem to offer is a prayer and "that will be $29.95." My idea of GOD is more of that of the one William Paul Young wrote of in his book "The Shack". I lost my dad when I was 4, my mom remarried when I was 10 but my step-dad was never the dad I needed and maybe no earthly dad is. Young speaks of the GOD in his book as one called 'PaPa', wouldn't that be great? Being able to take all your fears and all your hopes to a GOD, a GOD that wants to be your daddy?