Monday, October 13, 2008

Already Have a Niche? Just Suffering From Writer's Block?

I followed a couple of good writers to a great internet resource where you can tap into a 24/7 brainstorming session whenever you need it. While you provide the match that will light the fuel already waiting there, if you 'massage' the faintest of your ideas into their search engine, out pops ready made ideas of what you could write about. If you really need help you can read the articles, than go put them into your own words. Just the titles alone could get most of you writing for hours.

So what's so great about "Ezine Articles"?

What is your niche? "Running"? I punched in running and article after article came up, 565 articles. All kinds of topics within running, like "How to Start Running" or "How to Avoid Knee-Injury While Running". Whatever your niche, whatever your field there is liable to be an author that has written something similar to what you could write about. On a search of PR (public relations) I stopped counting after 750 articles; would you ever expect a title "How Important Photography is in PR"?

For all you Social Networking Maven's there is a truck load of articles on any and all of your favorite networks. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Classmates, etc.One site lists over 140 sites, they are full of creative, smart, funny people that can stimulate your writing projects right and left.

Whatever block you may have had should easily be overcome just by taking elements or words from any of your own past articles and plugging into their search engine on their site.

Ezine Articles has much more than just articles galore, they have "How to" help, a forum, blog, etc. Ezine Articles CEO, Chris Knight welcomes your questions.


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AZMike said...

This is me, @azmike.

I found this post of John Taylor on his blog on overcoming Writer's Block thought I would throw it in here as added information.

What They Don't Tell You About Writing Great Headlines
I did a little last minute Christmas shopping yesterday, one of the shops I visited was WH Smiths.. they sell stationery, books magazines CDs and DVDs.

The magazine stand is huge, there are literall thousands of them all vying for your attention.

So, what is it that makes you pick up a magazine? What is it that prompts you to eventually buy that magazine?

Well, colour certainly comes into it, as does the layout of the front cover. I'm sure that the editors invest a lot of time in choosing what they believe will be the right photograph for the front cover.

But, at the end of the day, it's the headlines that have the greatest influence.

Let's face it, we buy magazines primarily for the articles.. and the only way we can identify what's inside is by looking at the headlines.

So, the next time you find yourself with headline writer's block, take a stroll to your nearest magazine stand. I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration.